Ike and Linda Music.

Ike and Linda love to sing! Praise and Worship is a wonderful way that Christians can glorify God.

Being seasoned worship leaders and gospel artists they bring an authenticity to worship wherein worshipers are encouraged to release themselves in the presence of the Lord.

We are able lead worship at gospel events and conferences.  Please get in touch as you are planning your programme and we will see how we can be involved.

Power and Glory Gospel Music Events

The first Power and Beauty Gospel Music Concert will be holding on 19th August 2017  at Blake Studio, Norwich School, Norwich , United Kingdom. Ike & Linda will be joined some talented musicians and singers as: Power & Beauty – The Band. We intend to have a wonderful time presenting both new songs and some classic gospel , and praise & worship songs.



‘Closer’ is about having an intimate relationship with God.

Drawing close to God, in the midst of our busy lives with lots of things vying for out attention requires commitment. As we draw near to God, He draws near to us. We can then experience the comfort of His abiding presence.

Glory to His Name

The Lord we serve has existed since before the beginning of time.

We have been chosen at this time to bring ‘Glory to His Name’ in spoken word, song, and deeds. His love for us is eternal and we are in awe of His faithfulness.

What Can I Give?

‘What Can I Give?’ asks the question what is our response to God who loves us, has done so much for us and is reaching out to us.

For what the Lord has done the only response can be giving our all back to Him. Our hearts , our desires , our will as well as our time and worldly possessions need to be all dedicated to His use. When we realise that God has blessed us with all things it creates an abundance mentality which makes it easier to give back to the Lord, and using all we have for His glory.

Seek Your Face

Our walk with God requires us to deliberately increase in our knowledge of Him through study of the word, prayer & fellowship.

When we do all things in the Name of The Lord, we are placing our trust in Him and stating that we are glad He is on our side. We ultimately rely on God’s grace to sustain us in our earthly sojourn as we have to serve Him inspite of our human frailties.


Love is the language we speak as believers.

Love is giving. Love is patient and kind. Love demonstrates that we are really children of God.

Love never fails. Love will find a way.

Jesus is love!


We want to see every child of God living a life of joyous overflow.

The love of of God is so wondrous that once you have been touched, you cannot keep still, you cannot keep quiet. You just have to let someone know.

Everybody sing halleluyah!

Moving On

I’m ‘Moving On’ is a declaration that I will keep moving ahead into the destiny that the Lord has prepared.

When I put my trust in the Lord, He will see me through any challenges and keep on the path of success for my life.

My strength is in the name of the Lord!

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