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We are in the midst of a really challenging period in the history of mankind. Questions are constantly being asked about the meaning of life, what the purpose of our existence really is and how we all fit into the bigger picture.

It is clear that the environment we find ourselves in has a huge role to play in our outlook on life. Factors such as age, gender, ethnic origin, geographical location, family structure, wealth & fortune, educational level and social status, will have a massive impact on how an individual sees himself or herself in the spectrum of life.

When you compare the lives of successful people, those who are doing well at blessing others with those who are not you will see a clear pattern emerging.

Abundance versus lack

Bounty versus poverty

Generosity versus stinginess

Outward looking versus inward looking

Optimistic versus pessimistic

Goal oriented versus directionless

It is becoming clearer that if we are going to make an impact we have to have the impact mindset which is programmed for success. We need to take onboard that we have a greater responsibility to set the agenda rather than let us be passive observers or passengers in the world about us.

Impact starts where you are. Faithfulness in little things leads to open doors for bigger things.

Steps to being a person of impact

1. Be determined to be the best you can at the current station you are in. Be dedicated & trustworthy.

2. Learn what is required to move to the next level. Be a learner. Become a high value asset to your organisation.

3. Study the habits of people who are currently higher than you and adopt those that bring about consistent development. Adopt a mentees attitude.

4. Look for opportunities to move ahead with the confidence that you will excel.

5. Never feel that you have learnt enough or risen enough. There are still many mountains to climb & thresholds to cross.

Ike Nnene

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