Happy New Year … Make it a blissful one

Happy New Year!

We hope your 2015 is full of joy and goodness in your marriages & families.

We have put together some ‘resolutions’ which we think will help every couple in getting to that blissful place in their marriage.

New Year Resolutions for husbands

1. Love your wife! She is the most precious person on this planet. Commit to increasing tangible demonstrations of love – say ‘I love you’ frequently with acts of kindness and affection.

2. Desire to understand more about the stresses that your wife goes through and be there for her when the days seem long & hard

3. Declare your appreciation for all the things your wife does

4. Genuinely give your heart to her and support her in her own challenges and aspirations

5. Give more physical contact – hugs and kisses – several times a day, to show you desire her – spirit, soul & body

New Year resolutions for wives

1. Commit to believing in your husband and affirm him at every opportunity

2. Show understanding when he does not attain the standards or results that he should

3. Have genuine respect for your man! Esteem him in your heart & mind above any other man

4. Be honest with your husband about how he can improve and gently encourage him on that journey

5. Desire to pleasure him and be pleasured by him

New Years Resolutions for couples

1. Pray for each other separately and together. The prayer should be faith filled declarations of ‘the best’ for your spouse and your marriage

2. Deal with any difficulties with love and patience. Let anger be short lasting and forgiveness and grace be the standard.

3. Desire to improve your communication – speak clearly, speak truthfully and speak to build up and not destroy

4. Give each to the other wholeheartedly in the area of sexual intimacy. Your spouse should always be that safe place of loving release and refreshing.

5. Share goals together. Share your vision and seek to attain together.  Set out time every week to just appreciate where you are as a couple and trust God for more grace and power.

Have an exciting, wonderful, joy-filled, and successful year!

Ike & Linda

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