Power and Beauty - Time To Heal - Achieving Improved Mental and Emotional Wellbeing - Day 1

We had an awesome time at the 1st part of the seminar on 28 July 2018.

We were able to go into several aspects of how we can make emotional healing a reality in our lives. Healing represents a journey back to wholesomeness. Look upon it as a kind of repair job or fixit activity . It needs to be happening all the time to maintain our wellbeing and prevent mental breakdown. It can be facilitated through the actions of others but ultimately requires the full commitment of ones self. See it as a series of self maintenance activities or conditioning, a modality of housekeeping. We can all promote healing and we can also hinder the process.

Healing is linked to how we deal with emotions.
Emotions are energy in motion. A state that we are in that comprises how we are feeling, how we are responding to our environment, with changes in our physiological condition and outward expression along with readiness to take action.
Our emotions work with our brains to protect us from threats, pursue our goals , create an atmosphere of care and love. The primary emotions include joy, trust , fear, sadness, anger, surprise, disgust, and anticipation which all play a role in survival or benefit to the individual.

Learning to manage our emotions requires us to develop the ability to respond appropriately in a way that enhances our wellbeing. All emotions have a function and can serve us well depending on the stimulus.

Positive emotions as mental responses evoke a specific, positive feeling.  Fredrickson has outlined ten of the most commonly experienced positive emotions these include: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe, and love.

These emotions are desirable to experience, and clearly individuals who enjoy good mental health express these emotions frequently.

The predominance of emotions we manifest determines our temperament, and eventually our personality. Our memories and the pictures and thoughts in our head have the potential to continue to create emotional reactions long after the event. If the experiences are negative and we operate at this level, we will be largely living in the past and this has the potential to keep us in a perpetual state of stress.

Emotional health results when we have a good relationship with our emotions and they work for our benefit.

Changing your mindset implies change in attitudes and beliefs which determine our outlook and how we respond to situations.

Having a healing mindset allows you to make the following declarations:
⁃    Healing is possible for me
⁃    I deserve to be at peace , fulfilled and full of joy
⁃    I can manifest positive emotions and enjoy good emotional health
⁃    I will not be controlled by negative memories
We explored that letting go of a negative past is an essential step in emotional wellbeing.
Compassion is the route through we can arrive at the destination of wholesomeness. Self compassion and compassion for others creates the atmosphere for forgiveness and generosity to flow through us bringing about a preponderance of positive emotions which will validate our desired healed state.

Ike and Linda will be hosting – Time To Heal, A Teaching Seminar aimed at Achieving Improved Mental & Emotional Health on 28 July and 11 August 2018.