Power & Beauty

Our desire is to see people living enriched and fulfilled lives. We would like to use our platform , the medium of music, shared word and every medium at our disposal to encourage and challenge people to step up higher. Our goal is to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of people.

Why Power And Beauty?

Ike means Power (The Power of God) and Linda means Beauty. God brought us together and has over the years of our relationship prepared us for a time like this. Considering all we have experienced and what the Lord has brought us through we have been commissioned to proclaim that God is good. Marriage is God’s design. We were created to bring Him praise. We have made to be vessels unto honour. Our lives should glorify God in every way. We have received the grace to


Ike Nnene


Ike is family doctor, medical educator, leader and life coach. He seeks the the complete healing of his patients and uses his role as GP to deliver empathic holistic medical care to his patients.


Linda Nnene


Linda is a passionate educator who is dedicated to seeing young people on their paths to achieve their educational goals. She is a strategist in educational attainment.

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