The Power and Beauty Gospel Concert is here. We are so excited to be hosting this! We will livestream the whole event and provide a free to access webcast from the link below:

Be richly blessed as you take part in this special event! Please support our charities and share the event with your contacts! 

Virgin Money Giving – Nelson’s Journey – Power and Beauty Gospel Concert

Just Giving – Bloodwise – Power and Beauty Gospel Concert

May the Lord guide you to His perfect will for your life and may all that you do be met with overflowing success! 


Power and Beauty – Gospel Concert on 19 August 2017

We are pleased to be presenting our first Gospel Music Concert. It is taking place at 6.30 pm on Saturday 19 August, 2017 at the Blake Studio, Norwich School, Norwich, Norfolk. All Ike & Linda songs are powerful and deliver truths based on our relationship with God an how we were created to live lives of fullness and victory. We are going to showcase our previous released songs including Closer, Moving On, Glory To His Name and Everybody. We will be releasing some new wonderful songs which are sure to bless all listeners. At the concert we will also be presenting a nice reworking of some great worship and gospel music songs which promises to be awesome.


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Power and Beauty – Wellness Boost Seminars  

These sessions have been put together to teach participants the valuable principles of creating wellness through the right set of attitudes and actions. The psychological realm is fundamental to happiness, peace and contentment. Individuals with mastery of their emotions are in a better position to do well in every aspect of their lives.  We teach that you can create an environment in which you feel in charge of your life, empowered to make the right decisions and enjoy the fullness you were created to have. We recognise that adverse situations and experiences have the potential to create a narrative which revolves our problems and difficulties. We need to develop the ability to rise above the  challenges and embrace the brighter future which is ahead. In these sessions we will demonstrate the immense potential for a fulfilled we all have and how we can harness this in our present day.

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Power and Beauty – Marriage on Song

Ike and Linda have a passion for family and marriage. They understand that balanced individuals are a product of stable families which are natural product of strong marriages based on the principles of love, dedication and commitment. Ike and Linda promote the institution of marriage and challenge couples to strive for excellence through their videos and live events.

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Power and Beauty – Vision Vitality Victory

Ike and Linda are on a mission to see people live fulfilled lives.  We believe that this has three essential elements.

Vision The ability to be able to create in our minds the picture of what we would like to see happen is the first step in achieving success.  We believe that our lives should be goal oriented. This creates focus which allows us to give attention to the planning of how we are going to live. When we are intentional we are able to forge a path leading to desired outcomes. 

Vitality We need to have an enthusiasm for life everyday! We need to be able to celebrate who we are and the journey we are on with confidence that we are in the process of creating in future that we will be satisfied with.

Victory Success is the entitlement of every individual. Victory implies winning in life. Every aspect of our life should be characterised by a sense of achievement,  and of being in the right place.  Contentment comes from knowing we an enjoying what we are meant to have in our personal and spiritual life, health, relationships, work life, business, and finances.

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